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In Ireland, Killarney is a hot spot for tourists. The city doesn't have any typical tourist attractions: no amusement parks, limited water activities, no casino. However, it does have one of the most magical views of Ireland you're going to have the privilege of seeing and, perhaps, photographing. Head up to the Killarney National Park when the weather is good, and you can see the highest mountains in Ireland, as well as plenty of the lush greenness that gives Ireland its reputation. While you may be tempted to spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying the view that Killarney offers, the weather may not always cooperate with you. This part of Ireland can get pretty rainy so having good hotels in Killarney is a definite. You might be spending a chunk of your visit indoors. But don't worry about having a tight budget. We have some great deals for you to check out on Killarney hotels.

Arbutus Hotel Killarney

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The Fairview Boutique Hotel

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The Lake Hotel Killarney

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The Brehon

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Aghadoe Heights Hotel and Spa

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The International Hotel Killarney

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Great Southern Killarney

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Killarney Plaza Hotel and Spa

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