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When to visit based on price

Overall the best time to visit the city of Anaheim is between September and October and March through May. When school is out, or during summer months, expect heavy tourist numbers.

Key Attractions

By far the most popular attraction in Anaheim is Disneyland, with a close second being Universal Studios. You can easily spend days ate each of these theme parks, and still not see it all. Purchasing your entry tickets ahead of time on the Internet can save you up to $50 per person. Try to arrive when gates open in the morning and plan your favorite attraction as first stop to beat the crowds.
While there ask about the “Fast Pass” where you get a stamped ticket at entrance of attraction, and return at a specific time for easy entrance.

Another new attraction on the top of many lists is the Flightdeck Flight Simulation Center. You can sit at the controls of a fighter jet or Boeing 737 and actually experience what its like to fly.
Knott’s Berry Farm is another great and popular attraction, with fun for the entire family.

Having Fun

If you haven’t had your limit of fun at Disneyland and Universal Studios, then why not jump on one of the double decker bus tours of the stars? If the stars aren’t of interest to you, there are other tours available like crime and food tours.

If you’re in need of a gym, and somewhere to burn off the kid’s energy, look no further than the Sky Zone Anaheim Indoor Trampoline Park. This indoor trampoline park has massive trampolines, a complete gym, and 3D dodge ball, foam pits and more. There’s also an adult lounge for your relaxation while the children play.


Take drive or public transportation to Hollywood, and shop where the stars shop on the boulevard.
Closer to Anaheim, there are no shortages of shopping malls, from Anaheim Plaza and the Anaheim Indoor Marketplace, to the Downtown Disney Shops in Disneyland.


If you’re in to a daytrip, San Diego is well within your reach. Just spending a day in downtown San Diego is an adventure with Seaport Village, the boardwalk, and over 200 restaurants in “Gaslamp Quarter”. Also on the waterfront is the historic aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Midway open to the public for tours. Put a headset on and get an audio tour of the entire carrier.

San Diego is also world famous for their two zoo’s, the San Diego Zoo down town, as well as the Wild Animal Park outside of town. Each is fantastic on their own, and will take you a day to see, but if you have the time to visit both, it’s worth the time.

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Local expert's tips

  • The Guide to Disneyland in Anaheim

    Are you visiting Disneyland for the first time? You want to know what are the must see attractions and how best to utilize your time and money? No worries, Disneyland and California Adventure are a couple days worth of fun but they also can be expensive and extremely fatigue inducing.

    Get there early – The trick to getting the most out of Disneyland is getting to the park early. Ideally you should be on Main Street before 8am so that the moment they drop the rope that keeps you from entering you are on your way to Space Mountain or Indiana Jones Ride. From there you attempt to walk into as many rides that will have long line before those people that slept in get to the park. Splash Mountain, Pirates of Caribbean and the Matterhorn are sure to have long lines so take care of those rides early. Also, make sure to grab a fast pass as soon as you walk by a ride that will be busy later on.

    Bring Your Own Lunch – Before you head to Disneyland download the Urban Spoon App for your smart phone and use it to find cheap eating alternatives near Disneyland. You can utilize the lockers for storage near the entrance to the park and save money on food. There are a few cheap spots to eat such as the Pizza Port in Tomorrowland or the carts that sell the giant turkey legs but getting a quality inexpensive meal is a stretch inside the park.

    Visit California Adventure In The Afternoon – Utilize the afternoon hours for a visit to California Adventure if you have purchased a ticket that allows you access to both parks. California Adventure closes before Disneyland so you will have time to come back to Disneyland later in the evening.

    Stay Late – Weekends and summer allow for late nights at Disneyland so try to keep your endurance up and attempt to see as mush of the park as you can late into the evening. The crowds actually begin to thin out as people wait for the parades and the shows that begin after dark. These are the best times to get to the attractions that typically have longer wait times.

    Find a deal at Downtown Disney – Food is important simply because with all the walking you will be doing you will get hungry. You can get Jamba Juice and work on a liquid diet for a good price or stock up on the great bread at the Jazz Kitchen during a meal to fill you up for the rest of the day but if you are looking for a good price it will be a bit of a challenge here. Earl of Sandwich has some well priced sandwiches and Tortilla Jo’s has a takeout window that is a better deal than a full blown restaurant visit. You can also grab some corn chowder at at the Storyteller’s Café at Grand California Hotel (prices can escalate here so be careful). La Brea Bakery has sandwiches and salads and you can grab pizza by the slice at Napolini.

    Need a Beer? Yeah, they don’t sell alcohol at Disneyland except for a private club and restaurant called Club 33. Don’t bother going in as it is overrated and expensive. If you really need a drink, walk over to Downtown Disney and buy an overpriced pint there.