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Want to take a trip to the capital of the USA? This year there are huge discounted rates on accommodation in Washington DC! Check out the famous Constitution Avenue and the National Mall during your bargain break or if you are taking the family why not visit one of the many museums? There is plenty to do in the capital so get booking and packing!

Where do you want to stay?

When to visit based on price

Visiting Washington, DC between March and May, September until end of November is best for prices, less heat and tourists.

Key attractions

There are so many different top attractions to visit in Washington DC, the fact is you are are only limited by time, money and shoe leather. Let’s start at the top.
Within reasonable proximity are the Washington Monument, Capitol Building and The White House. The Washington Monument is awesome both outside looking up, as well as from the top looking down at DC. When planning your visit to the White House and Capitol Building, try to make advanced tour reservations. Both are exciting, and so full of history. Keep in mind that security is always tight, especially in the White House, so leave that pocketknife back in your hotel room.
For the ultimate “selfie”, a visit to the Lincoln Memorial is in order. Try to plan some time here, as it is a most inspiring and relaxing location. Not only do you get to enjoy the magnificent statue of Abraham Lincoln, but also the Reflecting Pool nearby. Another monument that is well worth a visit is the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, where you will be standing in the presence of the Author of the Declaration of Independence and Founding Father of the United States.
Two other not to be missed is Ford’s Theater where John Wilkes Booth shot President Abraham Lincoln. Standing below and gazing up at the balcony where the president was assassinated, you can almost hear the shot ring out.
The Vietnam War Memorial and grounds surrounding it are awe inspiring, and almost peaceful. It is truly the best way to understand the magnitude of the loss from that part of history, until you visit the thousands of names on that wall.

Having fun

If you haven’t already had enough fun in D.C. there’s plenty more. Classified as fun and things to see, the Smithsonian Institute is among the most famous museums in the world. Here you get to choose which buildings to visit, from history, art, science and much more. You can touch the bones of Dinosaurs, sit in a space capsule in the National Air & Space Museum, gaze upon Abraham Lincolns stovetop hat, and visit the set of MASH.
A visit to the Washington National Zoo is almost mandatory on your visit to Washington D.C. It’s the oldest zoo in America, with over 2,000 animals, including Large Cats, Asian Elephants and Giant Panda’s. Now who doesn’t like Pandas? A visit to this zoo is a great experience for the family traveling with small children, and adults who still feel like children.


The opportunities for shopping can be found almost everywhere in Washington D.C., from the museum shops, to walking downtown. The AMERICA Experience” shops are also a great find, if looking for unique themed gifts from D.C. From clothing, Chocolates to antiques and collectables, they can be found here.


Take a half hour drive and visit the birthplace of George Washington at Mount Vernon. With state of the art exhibits, this spectacular 18th century plantation located on the Potomac River is well worth a visit.
About an hours drive from D.C. you cam be in the historic town of Fredericksburg where you can visit the National Military Park, where you will take walking tours of four of the most intense battlefields of the Civil War. If antiques are something you are interested in, the large historic district is home to many, most in period restored Colonial day buildings.

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Awesome “budget friendly” ideas for your Washington, DC trip

It doesn’t really matter what time of year you visit the nations capitol, there’s always something to see and do, with your only concern being bringing shorts or long johns. Well, that’s not the main thing that really should be on your mind, because as a major destination, your budget is pretty important too. We want to guide you on a fun yet “budget friendly” tour of suggestions.

When you think about vacationing in Washington, DC, do you dream of seeing the sights from on top of a Ferris wheel? Well, if you answered no, you should say yes. One of the best ways to see D.C. and take great photos is from atop the Capitol Wheel. Another fun experience is a visit to the International Spy Museum, now especially during modern times. Learn what has been done in the world of espionage over the years, especially with children, and who knows, maybe develop an interest in spying?
Dining hint: To save money on restaurants, instead of hitting the fancy restaurants like a Senator, why not be a “student” for a day or five? College kids know where to get the best food for cheap, so head to DuPont Circle, Chinatown or Foggy Bottom for more moderate prices.
If you know the dates of your Washington DC vacation, and it’s more than a month away, there’s one experience you need to do for yourself and children if going. Contact your state member of Congress and request tickets for a free tour of the White House. I am still thrilled by my tour many years ago, when I actually saw the President down a hallway, with a bunch of Secret Service agents, as he waved at us. The tour itself is a “self guided” tour, unless you are a decorated war veteran, when like myself, you can sometimes get a guided tour. The Whiter House is fascinating for young and old, because most of us have memories of the different rooms as seen on TV.
On the same note, if you are lucky enough to have planned, or can plan your vacation next May, you can get in on “Passport D.C.” when over thirty Embassy’s will open their doors for tours. Please keep in mind, these Embassy’s are mostly located in some of the most outrageous mansions in D.C., and rarely seen by outside tourists.
Another dining suggestion: Head to Barracks Row located on 9th Street between M Street and Pennsylvania for dinner one night. Arrive early enough to stroll the shops, checking out posted outside menus, the n select you cuisine, from Indian to Mediterranean.
Of all the free museums available to you with the famous Smithsonian Institute, probably the most popular for families traveling with children is the National Air and Space Museum. That fact that it appears we are getting more involved with space travel, kids are more fascinated with outer space. You’ll be a star walking your children around, explaining how Orville Wright invented flight and the Spirit of St. Louis was flown by Charles Lindbergh. If you have really little ones, take them to the planetarium show that stars Sesame Street characters.
As far as choosing a location for your hotel stay, we highly suggest trying to find one that’s near a Metro Station, because tat s the best way to get around D.C. Driving a rental car is just plain nuts, because of the expense renting, gas and parking fee’s, not to mention traffic. If you look around the DuPont Circle, Adams Morgan and DC Proper locations for hotels, you should have no problem catching a metro.
You will find well-known hotels like Embassy Suites and Marriott’s there for fairly reasonable room rates, and full hot breakfasts offered at the least. All in all, you can have a sweet and budget friendly vacation in the Capitol, if you do your homework.
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Yes you can vacation in Washington, DC “on-budget” with kid

If you can actually call it a problem, spending time in Washington, DC, no matter how long on vacation, will still leave you with things to see and do another time. Although vacationing in the Capitol City if fantastic for families traveling with children, you will most likely look forward to the return as “adults only”. Keep in mind, that’s a good thing.
Your successful vacation will start with careful planning ahead of your trip, foe hotels, transportation needs, and what you want to accomplish on this vacation. With all the famous sites, museums and activities available for families and especially children, this is truly a youngster’s amusement park.
Right off the bat you can save big bucks by forget about renting a vehicle, and using public transportation, cabs and Uber. Even from the airport you have the ability to take the Met downtown is your hotel does not offer free shuttle service.

Going hand-in-hand with travel arrangements comes finding and reserving your “family friendly” hotel. Keep in mind that Washington; DC is geared specifically towards the businessman and woman. Probably the best areas to look for your hotel are nearest the National Mall, because that’s where you will certainly spend the most time. You can also do well looking at Union Station vicinity and possibly Chinatown (really).
Helpful hint: With small children, don’t plan on stamina, bring that stroller with you, because there will be lots of walking.
Another advantage to having a hotel close to activities and sights is being able to go back at lunchtime for lunch and a nap. This can really add up to big savings on the food budget.
A fun experience for the whole family, and great way to learn where all the popular sites are, is taking a tour of the attractions first, then picking your itinerary. In nice weather of course, its fun to jump up top on an open-top bus, not only for photo ops, but to see where things are.
If we were to choose an itinerary for you, we would start with a first thing in morning U.S. Capitol Building tour. At your pleasure, you can enjoy as much or as little of the national mall, breaking down into day trips. Just bringing the little ones up to the top of the Washington Monument is a kick. From this advantage point, you will have the best opportunity and pic of the White House city. Keep in mind that there is a limit each day to how many tickets are sold for the elevator ride to the top. Get there early on the day you will be there, or you can buy advanced tickets online.
We highly recommend for your children and adults in your party, spending some time in the International Spy Museum. Families find this one of their most talked about museums they tour on vacation, even compared to the “Smith”. Learn all about the history of spying, for real in the past all the way to present day. Check out the “big screen” displays from movies like the Bond series, including the Aston Martin driven in Goldfinger. The lower museum level is where you find the James Bond exhibit, and hands on displays for the kids. All in all, all will have a fun time.
Of course, the Smithsonian Museum offers children lots of fascination, especially the dinosaurs in the Natural History Museum, and the National Air and Space Museum. There’s here’s another “must view” site in Washington, DC that you really have to bring the family to, and that’s the National Zoo. If not for the fact that its free, its one of the best in the nation, and great exercise for the whole family. If you have never experienced Giant Panda’s, or even if you have, spending time observing these gentle giants is special, and a long lasting memory for your children. Add to that over 2,000 other animals, and it will be a fun day for all.
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Lets check out some of the best Sightseeing Tours in DC

Just the shear magnitude of Washington, DC can seem unmanageable to even the most experienced visitor as well as travel expert. I remember my first few visits to the Capitol, and how I was never sure of where to start, or what to see. Because of my experiences, I decided to give you some choices of popular sightseeing tours of Washington, DC to think about.
The great advantage of taking sightseeing tours is you get to see and learn things most people who visit don’t, from experts. This is also a super way to get an overall picture of where things are, what you want to spend more time at, or don’t.
It’s amazing how many different ways are available to tour, from walking tours, to bicycle, Segway, bus and more.

If traveling with small children you might consider taking the DC Ducks Tour that lasts about ninety minutes and takes you to the National Mall, monuments and Smithsonian. If you don’t give them advanced notice, you will surprise them when the duck drives into the Potomac River at the end for a cruise.
One of my favorite tours is the Segway Tours that you will cruise by the White House, Capitol and Monuments. Depending on age and confidence, you can choose the tour during the day, or at night when the capitol id light up, also my favorite. The night ride is also excellent during summer hot months because you will cool off.
Have no fear of this experience, because you take a class before heading out, and unless you pass and the tour guide thinks you can handle the ride you don’t go.
There are a couple walking tours we can recommend, the DC By Foot, which is a free walking tour, by some very knowledgeable guides, who by the way, work for tips.
The greater Washington, DC area also offers many different Ghost Tours, like in Lafayette Square, Annapolis and Alexandria. With the history of this area, it’s no doubt that some pretty famous ghosts wander the streets and buildings.
The Old Town Trolley Company offers a couple choices that should sound like fun, and quite the adventure. They offer a daytime tour with over a hundred points of interest, including the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Smithsonian and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and more. They also offer a moonlight tour that takes you to the monuments and buildings that are light up and take on a whole different mood. You will also hear about some of the departed still walking some of these places after dark.
Besides the Duck Tour, there’s another tour on the Potomac River you really should check on, the DC Cruises along the Potomac River. Not only is the cool breezes a blessing especially after dark, but also the photographs of the Washington Monument and others all lit up are well worth the tour.
During in climate weather or in the intense heat of summer, the experience of the double-decker bus tour just may be in order for you and your family. If you can, sit up topside in the open air for the best views and photo ops. There are two routes each defined by either a red or yellow route, and you can switch between the two at will.
Another excellent way to see attractions is to pay for the “Hop on, Hop Off Bus Tours. These are air-conditioned busses, where they give you a tour of all major monuments, museums and Capitol buildings. If you are at something you want to explore, jump off the buss, and jump on another after spending time there.
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