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Arguably the most celebrated city in the south and also the state of Louisiana's largest, New Orleans offers a shining example of people of differing race and culture living in harmony. As the home of the Mardi Gras festival and an important historical city, the "Big Easy" is packed with tourist attractions, places of interest, events and cheap hotels.

Where do you want to stay?

When to visit based on price

Your best prices can be found between October and January, June through September.

Key attractions

The key attraction in New Orleans is by far the French Quarter, with its shops, clubs, restaurant and high level of activity both day and night. Where else can you walk the streets, in party mode, day and night, with a “hurricane” in hand?
The history of New Orleans is also a major attracting, with old homes, museums, Voodoo, and cemeteries to visit. You can find tours of the history of New Orleans by van and by horse drawn carriage. In the evening, there’s nothing quite like the buggy ride “Tombs and Graves Tours”.

Having fun

New Orleans is all about having fun. If you visit during Mardi Gras, you will have more fun than just about anywhere on earth. Pop into any jazz joint and enjoy some of the best music ever.
This city is known for its food, especially Cajun and Creole cooking. The restaurants here are another reason to visit this city. For a fun time, try taking a Restaurant Walking Tour, where you visit four to six of New Orleans most famous restaurants in the French Quarter. Not only do you get to meet the chef, but also taste his featured dish. It’s also common and accepted to walk this tour with “beverage” in hand.
A visit to one or more of the “Big Easy” most famous bars and restaurants is in order for all visitors. Some of the more famous “haunts” you might visit are Pat O’Brian’s for their famous “Hurricane”, Arnaud’s for a “French 75”, and for the brave, a “Hand Grenade” at Tropical Isle.
Something you probably never thought of doing in New Orleans is taking a guided “Urban Kayak Tour”. That’s right, you can paddle through some of the old historic sections of New Orleans without fighting the crowds.


While in New Orleans, you must visit Royal Street, famous for it’s shops and a great place to find a souvenir of this great city. Also a place for designer wears, jewelry, and of course shoes.
A visit to Magazine Street puts you on six miles of not only shops, but restaurants and attractions too. From antiques, clothing, home furnishings to your favorite cigars, you’ll find it here.
Another experience in shopping is the French Market in lower French Quarter, where twenty plus unique stores await you.
There’s no shortage of shopping in New Orleans, with stores of The Riverwalk, Canal Place and much more.


Take a drive to Baton Rouge and experience the mighty Mississippi River, with maybe a riverboat cruise. Another excellent adventure would be to explore the Biloxi area on the coast, where the casino’s, beaches and golf courses provide entertainment.
Visit the famous Louisiana bayou. What better way to experience this than taking a tour of Bayou Lafourche? Experience the wildlife, fauna and flora of the marshes of Louisiana. A National Park Ranger guides you on tour, for an exciting way to spend a day.

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Awesome travel tips and deals for NOLA this summer

New Orleans is just one fun place, with so much to see and experience that you just have to get away from Bourbon Street for a true “Big Easy” experience. We have some suggestions both in town and out of town to experience this old Cajun town like a native.
You can start by jumping on one of the streetcars down to the riverfront and spend some time walking the waterfront markets. Mingle with locals who sell their special treats, and especially, spend time in the Old French Market. Amaze your senses with the sights, smells and sounds of this historic location. Of course, this will get the old tummy grumbling, so we suggest heading up to the rooftop restaurant in the French Market. There’s nothing like a cool breeze, bowl of classic jambalaya and a chilled glass of white wine.

Staying with the same theme, Cajun cooking, another fun thing to do during the day on Bourbon Street, is to take one of the culinary tours of famous restaurants. These walking tours aren’t expensive, and are a lot of fun. You get to meet the restaurant chefs, taste their signature dishes, and yes, sip cocktails along the way.
If you want to take this one step further, visit the New Orleans School of Cooking on Canal Street, and sign up for a cooking class. They offer classes featuring NOLA classics, like gumbo, pralines and for sure, jambalaya.
Perhaps you find yourself in the Frenchman Street local, visiting some of the famous jazz clubs. If you need a break and feel the need to do some shopping or just browse about, you’re in luck. Right there you can find the Frenchman Street Night Market, open until 1 AM daily. This market offers local crafts and artisan pieces and you just never know, maybe a “shrunken head” or two.
For the ladies visiting New Orleans, what would be more appropriate than a visit to the Bourbon French Parfums on Royal Street? Keep in mind that the root of the New Orleans culture is deep with French influence. So why wouldn’t you want to experience this local shop, in existence since 1843, and have a designer perfume made specifically for you or your spouse?
“hops”, we have the place for you. Why not jump on a tour of New Orleans own, NOLA Brewing Club there on Frenchman Street. This is a real New Orleans club, including the local crowds, smoky atmosphere, and packed house in this small club.
Hot Tip: Forget about that rental car! Take a shuttle or cab from the airport to your hotel, and work off those cocktails and pastries by walking. There’s always the streetcars and busses.
If bringing some souvenirs hoe for friends, family or yourself, we have suggestions for you that won’t bust the budget. Why not pick up a jar or two of Louisiana Hot Sauce, or maybe a box of Aunt Sally’s beignet mix? For those now hooked on NOLA jazz, hit the Music Factory and pick up a CD or two.
If you have had enough of the “high octane” cocktails in large plastic mugs, and are seeking maybe some “hops” why don’t you head over to New Orleans own, NOLA Brewery and Tap Room on Tchoupitoulas Street. It’s located right on the Mississippi River and has some awesome brews available. Visit on any Friday and you get a free tour and beer tasting offered afternoons. Plan to visit at lunch or dinner hours? They now serve McClure’s Original Barbeque, so come in hungry.
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Visiting New Orleans’s best-kept secrets and saving some buck’s

When planning your vacation on the exciting streets of New Orleans, understand that there are sights and sounds off the beaten path of Bourbon Street. If you have never experienced the party that never ends, by all means, you should. But, keep in mind that there’s a great deal more to experience than the average visitor does.
If you are seeking to experience nature in the swamps and are looking at paying for a boat tour with alligators in your camera lens, check this out. If you have a vehicle, it’s a short less than half hour drive to the Jean Lafitte State Park, where you can hit the trails and wildlife. Keep an eye on the waters along the trails, and you stand a great chance of spotting a gator or two, sometimes even sunning themselves on banks. The key is to stay quiet and walk slowly and carefully. We would also like to add, use your zoom, and don’t get close because these baby’s can move.
By all means, you need to experience the heart of the city, its jazz community. It’s best if you can locate an off the path small jazz club, without all the drunks and party people, especially during busy season. Of course, a visit to Preservation Hall is a must, but we suggest maybe enjoying a smaller venue, like Fritzel’s Jazz Pub, a local favorite.

Another excellent choice, and one I have talked about in the past is Jean Lafitte” Blacksmith Shop on Bourbon Street, but out of the busy section. This is touted as the oldest continued operating bar in the U.S., built in 1720. This is a great place to relax a sip a cocktail in a small piano bar, and escape the crowds as the pirate Jean Lafitte is supposed to have done here.
To experience the New Orleans Crawfish Capitol and not get the “real deal” is criminal. Sure, you can get crawdads almost everywhere, but why not experience this delicacy like a local? The season starts in late winter up to summer months and some of the Mid-City joints will celebrate with craw-boils every week. Ask around when you get to town and either drive or take a streetcar to the best dinner in NOLA. If you have never eaten a crawdad, grab a seat near a local, obvious by a mega pile of shells, and ask for help.
I also have a suggestion for maybe Sunday Brunch, in place of the usual tourist attraction, Court of 2 Sisters. Buffa’s Bar and Restaurant located on Esplanade Street is an excellent substitute frequented by locals, because there are no “tour groups” packing the place with tourists. You can stroll there in fifteen minutes off Bourbon Street; have an awesome brunch with live jazz in background.
Everybody knows that the history and even today, Voodoo plays a part on the local community. There are many shops where you can experience a bit of this religion, and even purchase a voodoo doll, bat wing powder and maybe even a spell. But is you really want to get a feel of what Voodoo is all about, visit the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum. Unlike the suggestive name, this is actually a “Little House of Horror’s”. Not only will you learn about the voodoo potions, cures for the sick and possessed, but some extremely questionable medical procedures. One things for sure, you can expect to leave the building and with urgency head for the nearest bar serving the “Zombie Cocktail”, and make it a double. On the same note, one place you may choose to “splurge” is by taking a carriage tour of New Orleans famous cemeteries, especially in late afternoon. If you decide to just visit one cemetery, we suggest visiting the St. Louis Cemetery #1, final resting place of Marie Laveau, New Orleans most powerful and famous Voodoo Princess. We will caution you that even today, from beyond the grave, locals believe her magic influences people, maybe even those who gaze upon her grave with doubt?
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Do’s and Don’ts for your upcoming New Orleans Vacation

New Orleans isn’t referred to as “The Big Easy” for nothing, but in fact for a general attitude of relaxing and let life takes you where it may. It’s a rare sight to see anyone running anywhere in New Orleans, and in fact, a general relaxed state is seen quite often, especially on Bourbon Street, for obvious reasons. Let’s take a peak at some of the things to d and more importantly not do on your vacation.

For one thing, there is absolutely no good reason to rent a vehicle for your New Orleans Vacation. If your hotel doesn’t offer free shuttle service from and to the airport, take a cab. Those that do rent a car will most generally wish they hadn’t, because all it does is sit in a parking lot, and you pay dearly for parking. The way to go almost anywhere is on foot or maybe a bicycle rental. Planning to hang on Bourbon Street, it’s all about comfortable shoes.
Hot Tip: Use Uber and Lyft to get around town, or even a pedicab.
If you want to get out of that area, and discover the outer neighborhoods, just jump on a streetcar. There are actually three streetcar lines covering the city of New Orleans, and your ride will only set you back $1.25. Memorialize yourself with a photo, sitting on the mahogany seats, on the oldest running streetcar in the world.
Now lets talk about something New Orleans is famous for, besides drinking mega alcoholic beverages on Bourbon Street, Cajun and Creole food. Especially when it comes to Bourbon Street, tourists are targets for cheap food vendors, and you get what you pay for. Why would anyone choose a “Lucky Dog” off a corner food cart, instead of an authentic Po Boy? Why would you walk into a dark and dingy “restaurant” with a sign on the window stating “Best New Orleans Food”, when you could eat at Les Paul or Emeril Lagasse’s restaurants?
If you must spend time on Bourbon Street, break it up with visiting other areas and sights. For instance, close by you can explore Frenchman’s Street, offering local jazz and Reggae groups in bars where the locals frequent. This is where you experience the true New Orleans, and also where you can get some excellent suggestions on where to eat see and do.
Helpful hint to stay out of jail: New Orleans is one of those party towns where you can legally consume alcohol openly on the streets. However, make sure that when you purchase or prepare to walk out of that restaurant, you use a “to go” plastic cup or glass. It’s against the law to drink alcohol on the streets from any glass container or glass.
You are vacationing in the Deep South, where heat, humidity, and even rain can put a damper on you fun. Remember to pack accordantly, including sunscreen and maybe a parasol?
For a totally fun and relaxing activity, which includes some awesome sightseeing, why not take the time for a Jazz Cruise aboard the paddlewheel vessel, Steamboat Natchez. You can choose a day cruise for great photos, or the evening dinner cruise, more for adults.
Safety Tip#1- NOLA is a “pickpocket heaven”, so don’t keep your wallet in a back pocket.
There are two activities that I suggest for you to experience New Orleans to the fullest. The first is taking a horse and carriage tour of the old cemeteries, where the carriage driver fills you in on history, voodoo and things that walk in the night.
The second is taking a walking tour of the most popular restaurants in Bourbon Street area. Its not only a tour of the restaurants and kitchens, but also meeting the chef’s and tasting some of their food. It’s quite worth the money for the tours, and yes, grab a cocktail or two during the tour.
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Best times to visit New Orleans, and best places to visit

New Orleans, or NOLA / The Big Easy as its called by many is a perfect vacation destination all year long. There’s always something going on, music, fantastic foods and the locals are so much fun. If you want to party “big time” then you need to plan your visit during Mardi Gras, Halloween when things can and do get pretty wild.
Of course, check the dates and jump on those hotel rooms early because they sell out every year.
Mardi Gras is sort of a “floating date”, falling anywhere between February and March each year. If that’s your goal, then if possible make your reservations for the 2019 event, to arrive before the event begins and stay until after Fat Tuesday. Plan your visit around one of the famous Bourbon Street Parades, like Rex, Zulu, Endymion and Orpheus. Get there early enough to shop and purchase your costume and mask for sure.
I would highly suggest if the crowds and high prices of Mardi Gras isn’t your thing, to visit in January when there is still Carnival celebrations happening in the streets, but not crazy time. You still need to get those hotel rooms early to experience the lower rates.
If cold weather doesn’t bother you and you want to save some monies, then by all means come down in December and January, when the temps stay in the 60’s during the day, but can drop to 40’s at night.

Possibly the best time to visit New Orleans is in Spring or Fall, when weather is just right. Spring in NOLA provides nice warmer weather, everything’s blooming, humidity level is low, and however airfare and hotel rates are higher. It can be well worth it though. The French Quarter Festival in April is a celebration of everything Louisiana, from culture to music and food, and best of all it is free.
Of course fall brings the threats of hurricane season, but worry not, typically storms miss New Orleans, and in fact, the city enjoys the lowest rainfall during October and November.
While some may discourage you from visiting this city in the summer months July and August, I in fact love visiting then. Sure its hot, usually hitting mid 90’s and humidity, but then there’s ice cold beverages and crazy women in tank tops! Or not!
If you come for the party, and either are used to heat, or miss it, this is a happening party time of year to hang out on or under a balcony. Hot summer months are also the best times to save money on your hotel and airfare, because of the heat, and low occupancy rates. You can actually find some sweet hotel deals on-line, many, which offer free breakfasts, parking, and more.
In offering you suggestions on where to go, and what to visit in NOLA, its not all about Bourbon Street, although it’s a experience you do need to experience. That being said, if you want to experience a more authentic New Orleans, tries visiting Frenchman Street where the locals hang out. You will find four blocks of pure fun, from bars and restaurants to galleries and nightclubs, and the bonus is, fewer crowds. As this area caters to the local population, you will quickly realize your drinks and food are cheaper and actually the music is somewhat better.
There is a couple, “must visit” taverns to experience there, like the Three Muses, D.B.A. and the very popular Spotted Cat. You can easily get to Frenchman Street by walking, as it’s just off Bourbon, or by all means take a cab especially after dark.
My final gift to you is a small jazz bar / pub, very old, and frequented by locals, and myself whenever in town. It’s called the Blacksmith Tavern, and in fact was one many years ago. It’s way down on Bourbon Street out of the busy section. A great place to sit and watch the people, and sometimes, get a big surprise by someone sitting down at the piano and playing a tune you recognize.
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New Orleans Vacation budget ideas for anytime visit

Ask anyone that has spent time in New Orleans what drained their wallets more than anything else and you will definitely get a response, food and booze. There are other factors including transportation that do contribute to deleting your funds, but keeping an eye on what enters your mouth is key to budgeting. Let’s take a journey with our budget friendly fun idea’s and see what fun is in store for you.
The French and Cajun influence on restaurants begs that you try at least one of the famous restaurants, and you should, but other deals are just as tasty. Instead of splurging on fancy large breakfast, why not hit the famous outdoor Café du Monde for a steamy hot and fresh beignet and a café au lait. This is a local haunt, and an excellent place for people watching and discussions with locals. If tasty fresh French croissants are tempting your tummy, then by all means, head over to Croissant D’Or Patisserie.

You might also be tempted as you walk the streets to eat a heavy lunch in a restaurant, to help disperse the alcohol later that evening. We offer a much more pleasant experience on the waterfront of New Orleans. Why not lunch like a local, and try the cities favorite traditional lunch, the Muffuletta, born of Sicilian Immigrants back in the 1800’s. Today you can find the best example created by and available from the “Central Grocery”, and now New Orleans signature sandwich. It’s a ten inch round loaf of Italian bread, stuffed with salami, Cappicola ham, Provolone cheese, and assorted greens and condiments. Not only is this mega sandwich mouth watering juicy, but easily split between two for a picnic. Just add a bottle of vino, and head down to the riverfront and enjoy lunch outdoors with a view, and for only a few bucks.
If you can stay with this theme, especially if here to party and not eat fancy every evening, why not check out another NOLA local favorite, the “Po-Boy”? These are awesome no matter what time of day, and although available all over town, there is one special place you really should check out, “Killer Po-Boy’s” located on Dauphine Street in the French Quarter. The Chef has taken the standard Po-Boy and taken it up 5 notches at least. This is a deli so they do offer other tasty sandwiches, but you just have to try one of their designer sandwiches.
If someone asks me where my favorite bar is located without hesitation I say Lafitte’s Blacksmith Tavern where the drinks flow, live jazz every evening, and oozing history. You will be enjoying entertainment in what is believed to be the oldest building used as a bar in the U.S. It was built back in early 1700’s, and rumored to have been a smuggling center by Lafitte Brothers back then. For me it’s just an awesome place to sit by an open window, sip a cocktail and watch what goes by while listening to sweet jazz.
Another fun experience that offers a fantastic opportunity to taste the New Orleans experience is a walking food tour. Taking this tour of 5-6 of the finest restaurants will reward you with samples of each restaurant’s signature dish, and its history.
Although they don’t serve booze on the tour, each restaurant has a bar that is open for your pleasure.
Another fun place to experience in NOLA is the French Market District, which offers six blocks of shopping, stores and vendor booths. Stroll about and you may find a thing or two you just can’t live without. This is also a great place to experience some of New Orleans tasty treats, like gumbo, jambalaya and of course alligator sausages or cocktail. This is your opportunity to share a dish of something special and tasty, and it won’t bust the bank.
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